Ladies and Gentlemen


      We cordially invite you to participate in a series of seminars devoted to Quantum Crystallography (QCr) and complementary fields of science which will be presented once per month starting from Dec. 2021. These seminars are organized under the auspices of the Quantum Crystallography Commission of IUCr and the European Crystallographic Association SIG 2 on Quantum Crystallography with a support of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Warsaw (Poland) and Crystallography Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

     We believe in the usefulness of Quantum Crystallography in many other research fields such as, for example, chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, pharmacy, crystal engineering, materials science, high pressure studies, mineralogy, etc, and in the openness of our colleagues to new ideas coming from research in other fields. In general, we would like to keep these seminars open to as wide audience as possible.

     We have planned each seminar to consist of two lectures approx. 35 minute long each (+ up to 15 minutes for discussion after each lecture). One of these lectures would be related to broadly understood Quantum Crystallography, while we would like the other to be a kind of complementary lecture. We will start our seminars at 4 p.m. on December 2, 2019. The next seminars are also planned at 4 p.m. on: 13.01.2022, 3.02.2022, 3.03.2022, etc.

     By the term complementary lecture we mean a lecture on a field of research which would broaden our horizons, which we want to learn more closely to see if there are any points of mutual interests. We are convinced that we mutually could gain something from each other by learning new ideas and techniques. In our opinion, an excellent example of complementarity is the intensive development of electron diffraction, which undoubtedly was created through the cooperation of experts in electron microscopy and crystallography.

    We hope to attract plenty of researchers and students from all over the world possibly also from the outside of the Quantum Crystallography field.

     Once again, we cordially invite you to participate in the Seminars.


On behalf of the

Quantum Crystallography Commission of IUCR

On behalf of the

ECA SIG2 on Quantum Crystallography

Prof. Paulina Dominiak


Prof. Krzysztof Wo┼║niak